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TSA 1605A (Three Five Systems)
14 segment micro LED display

HDSP 2000 dot matrix display
(or equivalent MSD 2313 / 2351 / 2352 / 2353

Code for basic testing of TSA without shift registers (requires lots of pins!)

<coming soon!>

Code for basic testing of TSA using shift registers (Thanks to Paul Huinink!)

Code for building a clock using TFS1605A (Thanks to Goebish !)

Instructions and code for making "the Love Box" message in a box using TFS1605A (Thanks to Matseng !)



Pin Diagram

Arduino Code for testing HDSP 2000 and HDSP 0761 LED displays


Instructions for wiring 3 x HDSP2000 in series and test code.

Special Thanks to Paul Huinink!

HDSP2000 pin diagram