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Weeblackbox.com is a source of unique tools and components for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and oelectronics projects.  We offer two main product categories - vintage LEDs from the 1970s and beyond plus a range of modular project enclosures.

Vintage LEDs Space Station modular enclosures
Winner of an Alt-w production award "DIS-PLAY" the project aimed to explore the history of the LED display as means of communication between human and computer. The result, a series of hacked devices, Arduino controlled vintage displays, microscopy, talks and a workshop. I plan to develop future exhibitions of vintage LED components and will continue to explore their history.

DIS-PLAY was made possible through an Alt-w production award New Media Scotland
New Media ScotlandAlt-w

Over the last decade I have sourced a limited supply of "vintage" LED components including dot matrix, multi-segment and smart displays. The intended use is for education, prototyping and experimentation. Most are "New Old Stock" originally made in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, therefore the supply is strictly limited - when they're gone they're gone!   In Summer 2014 I will launching custom designed kits to wire up, drive and control 7 segment and dot matrix displays and will supply sample code for Arduino, schematics etc. We invite users to share their innovative projects with the open source community.
"Space Station" enclosures are cases for housing electronics projects, which protect circuit boards and allow stacking of multiple levels to create desktop pieces.  We have recently completed a Kickstarter project - thanks to all our backers and watch this space for updates on some of the cool projects that users have created using Space Station enclosures.

Space Station Enclosures are designed and built in the United Kingdom 
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